Madden’s No. 1
Blonde Ale | 5% ABV

Madden’s No. 1 is a blonde, prohibition-style American Pale Ale made with the most delicious thermal spring water in the world.

The Story

Hot Springs has always had a reputation for having its own way of doing things, including during prohibition. While the rest of the country and the State shut down drinking and gambling, local officials and law enforcement in the “Spa City” had a rather more “relaxed” interpretation of the law. Hot Springs soon became a safe haven for gangsters and outlaws of all types, often being treated as “neutral territory” between competing gangsters and mob bosses. After the notorious gangster, Owney Madden, was exiled from New York City, he made Hot Springs his home until his death in 1965.

Pairs Well With:

On our menu: JV Brat
At Home: Spaghetti


The Beez Kneez
Honey Basil Kolsch | 4.9% ABV

Made with fresh, locally-grown basil and a touch of honey, this light german-style beer is as aromatic as it is refreshing.

Foul Play
Oatmeal Stout | 5% ABV

This beer is inspired by the smooth and sultry ways of The Foul Play Cabaret, a local burlesque troupe of legend.