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Craft Beer

Our Philosophy

Craft beer is beer that was brewed with care by a small, independently owned brewery that elevates innovation of style and quality of ingredients over industrial scale production. We obsessed over our beer list, selecting beers that are unique in Hot Springs and we are especially proud to stock beer from the best regional breweries in Louisiana, Oklahoma, Missouri, Missisippi, and of course Arkansas!  Our selection is ideal for sampling and learning about beer. Many of our selections are higher-than-average alcohol content. Please enjoy responsibly!

Our Brewery

Our Brewery and Distillery are still under construction! In just a few short months, you will experience Hot Springs on Tap as we begin to add our own recipes to the Draught List. Please take a peek over our construction wall in the North room and watch the Men’s Bath Hall transform into the world’s only brewery or distillery to utilize thermal spring water as our main ingredient.